Summary of common fixes?

Hi - I’m enjoying my first X-Type (2008 estate 2.0L diesel). Am wondering if there’s a list of common issues and fixes?

My SatNav screen has gone dark/blank so every touch screen function has gone although the car still runs and drives fine. According to the handbook, the fuses F43 & F44 look likely culprits. But they are so small and hidden behind the glovebox (RHD) I can’t even pull them out to check after removing the under dash trim and small access panel.


Welcome to Estate ownership. I have an 04 3.0 gas. It is my daily driver. Love the AWD and the utility of the Station Wagon. Got it as my ski car.

My solution for the fuses is to take it into my mechanic and get him to check them. Worked for the cigar lighter/aux plug.

The EGR valves are a common problem. Sometimes a clean might fix it or it may need replacing. Look for smokey exhaust on acceleration. It’s the same valve as the Ford engines.

The auxillary drive belt tensioner wears and rattles. The crankshaft pulley can also rattle as it has a rubber part to reduce vibration.

Clutches can go at low mileage and can be down to the slave cylinder failing.

Watch for leaks at the pipes to the steering pump resulting in wear.

Turbos can coke up. There’s a useful preventive trick of drilling and tapping a hole in the turbo so you can periodically squirt Mr Muscle oven cleaner in without having to take the turbo off.

The turbo actuator can fail either due to to coking up so the vanes can’t move or due to failed solder joints in the actuator module.

Use good oil and change it regularly to give your turbo a good life. I change it every 6000 miles max.

Nothing majorly expensive if you keep an eye on things.


Don’t know if this applies to diesels, but I have been told by my mechanic to make sure the cooling air scoop for the transfer case is in place. It is an easy thing to be left off after an oil change and can result in the transfer case getting toasted.

Diesels are FWD with switchable traction control.

I have found a couple of runs / KM up to the red line clears most of the crud out of the turbo!!

Agreed. The same goes for the particulate filter cars.