Sump Plug Thread?

I wonder if anyone can tell me what the thread is on a early V12 sump drain plug?. I thought I might invest in a magnetic one before the next oil change.

Many thanks,
Mike (1973 DDS S1)

I bought a set of little round magnets for 1$, drilled a shallow hole on the drain plug so tit was a snug fit and secured it with some good quality epoxy glue.

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Thanks Aristides,
Drained the sump today and the plug is 5/8" UNF and 18TPI thread, with a 7/8" AF hex.

Can’t find a suitable magnetic plug via ebay/amazon/usual suspects so I think I’ll copy your idea.

Cheers, Mike (DDS 1973 S1)

These are perfect:

You might be able to find them at Home Depot, sometimes paired with a security system sensor.