Sun Roof Problems

My sun roof is jamming somehow.It is closed now but I can slide the inside panel back. There are 3 torque screws on the sides of the metal roof can I take them out remove the roof and see what is going on ?

The X300 and X308 sliding roofs are identical so parts can be from any of those cars.

The parts used to be inexpensive and available but they did increase in price significantly years ago. I don’t know if the parts are still available NEW?

501-26 Sliding Roof – Diagnosis & Repair.pdf (108.4 KB)
501-36 Sliding Roof Uneven Operation.pdf (31.1 KB)

Hi, So can I take the roof metal off with those 6 torque screws and then see what is going on? Thanks

There’s a very knowledgable chap, Andy, on this forum. There’d be no harm in posting there, too, in case you don’t get any useful responses here?

You pretty much need to remove the metal sliding roof panel to access the guide rails and mechanism.

Hi Thanks I did post on that forum as well. When something works you don’t pay attention to how it works. When it stops working you wish you remembered “how it worked” Do both the front and back panels go into the roof. The back 1 disappears and wont come back. I need someone to send a video of the sunroof working from the top and from inside. Thanks

The rear half panel is ‘clipped’ to the slide mechanism with a plastic guide piece and a spring steel retainer.

If it gets left in the rear section, the plastic is either broken or disconnected.