Sun Visor Clips - 3D printing

Does anyone know if someone has attempted to use a 3D scanner and printer to create parts like the sun visor clips using ABS material?

Looking for a 3D model file to be able to print a few that I can paint to match…

I have one black clip if you want it.

I called my dealer with part numbers for XJ40, XJS, X100 and X308 and the XJS was available in grey. (what I needed)

The visor retainer clips are all about the same so get what you can get.

Check this out:

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What is your going rate?

I have an 89’ xj6 donor car (known as Abby Normal). Is there a bit you might need that you would want to trade for?

No trades, only about $10 minimum for shipping.
I have tons of other stuff mostly from a 94 XJS.
You can save on shipping by adding items.

I have lots of these in stock. Black, AEE, AFW, AGD, LDY, LFJ, SDC.

You can also employ an Amish man to make them for you but at considerable cost :smile_cat:


Several years ago I picked up a beautiful antique claw foot table for my mother at an auction in Indiana.

One of the claw feet was damaged. My auctioneer friend told me he could drop it off at an Amish man’s place. Six months later it was done and my auctioneer friend delivered it to Mom and sent me a bill.

I asked him why it took so long. He was working on restoring some pieces for The Vatican.