Sun visor refurbishment

Being a Jag lover, over the year’s ive done a few head linings and they turned out well.

Recently a few friends in the New Forest Jag club asked if id do there’s.

The XKR was pretty straightforward. But, my mate’s XJS is providing me with challenges. He wanted a different colour which means redoing the sun visors but, I’m at a loss how you seperate the actual visor? Any takers? Is there trick i should know.

Thanks Paul

If you are talking about the facelift sun visors, I know what you mean.
My 94s were not in the best shape and one side was completely stripped.
I couldn’t figure out how the good one was assembled.
It looks like the seams are internal.
These are the ones with internal lighting and vanity mirror.
PM me If you want to experiment, I have two or three that don’t have a home.

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You appear to be on the wrong list. It looks like you want to post to the XJ-S (coupes, cabriolets, convertibles) list, but you posted to the XJ (saloons) list with a subject line of “XJ6 sun visors refurbishments”.
BTW the earlier XJ-Ss (1975-1991) are very different than the later facelift XJSs (1992-1996) so I recommend that you include the year of the car you are working on to avoid confusion.


I moved it to the correct category. The XJ6 visors are straightforward so it must be XJS.

Thanks Paul,

I didn’t realised id posted in the wrong place, so good catch.

As, for the year, ill find out because I’m sure of the year and midel. All i know is it’s a super charged XK6 variant.


Hello David,

Let my find the year, as it doesn’t seem straight forward enough. And im reluctant to force it apart.

Thank Paul

There were no factory supercharger equipped XJ-S or XJS cars, so it must be something else, or a modified car. Yes, do find out the correct year and model so that you can post to the correct list.


I’ve just text the owner so, we should get to the bottom of this conundrum soon.



Thats the one, with the vanity mirror and lights in.

Thanks for the offer - much appreciated. Im near Southampton, where are you? I’m more than happy to pay postage of course but, id like to find out what model and year first. All, these variants it’s enough to make your head spin



Or look at the pictures for the categories - if it’s from the 90s and not incredibly flat and cool looking it’s neither XJ Series nor XJS. And if it’s not very very angular it’s not XJ40. Etc.

The visors I have are from 94 coupe with AFW trim code.
Southampton UK or Long Island?
I wasn’t looking to give them away, so postage plus.

So, Concerning the year and model.

The conversation with my mate went something like this.

“Me, Mate what’s the year and model of your car?”

David "she’s an XJR and 1989…or is it 1998? I’ll check the log book… it’s 1994.

Forgiven my friends absence mindless, i think he has somewhere in the region of 30 cars.

The question remains can the sun visors be manually separate on a 1994 XJR?

1994 would be the XJ40 but you are saying its not a big flat car so it could be the next model which is the X300 shape.
Currently I have moved it to the XJ40 site but it is easily moved to the X300 site by using the pen icon on the header.

Would be good to update your Jag-Lovers sign in formation to show your location. Sometimes helps with responses to posts.

Thanks for the offer Steve, but im on this occasion ill say no.

Thanks John, and will do