Sunroof MK 2 1962

Hi I’m looking for documentation of sunroof webasto. I renovate my car, but i don’t find inforamation about the schema of sunroof- I need picture with details, seals and parts

Some time ago I found these pdf-s.
I remember they had some diagrams on their old website (using web archive org).
tudor_websasto_Sunroof_manual_part1.pdf (847.9 KB)
tudor_websasto_Sunroof_manual_part2.pdf (654.1 KB)

… PL ?

Tak PL. I Don’t unfortunatelly open this pdfs

Wysłano z programu IBM Verse

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Try here:

This is brilliant as I approached Webasto for a repair option and they only sell new roofs now which are crazy expensive and the car is not worth it as it stands. So I have to try and repair what I have. Has anyone actually replaced the covering etc.?
webasto webasto1 webasto3 webasto4