Superblue is Being a Bit "Overprotective"

Seems she is doing something she used to do, but in a different manner, a few years back: the door locks suddenly locking when not desired. :open_mouth: This time the unhappy event apparently is triggered by my activating something else electrical in the car - hitting the brake pedal, turning on the parking lights, turning on the WW, etc. I could understand this phenomena maybe if activating something electrical causes a surge in the car’s general system, but instead it causes a slight decrease in power (right?). So how is that decrease - apparently - causing the door lock relay to activate/trip? :confused: Is the solution maybe as simple as time for a new door lock relay (wherever it is located)?

Perhaps you should change her name to Christine, Paul.

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May be a big leap here from this casual, but could it be mechanical? Maybe a manual door lock “flip switch?”

I don’t know … It seems to be something in the system … Today she started doing that lock/unlock/lock/unlock “stuck in a loop” thing when I tried to unlock the passenger door using the key (the interior door latch wouldn’t budge!). :open_mouth: Fortunately, I was able to get the door open at just the right moment in the loop while she was in “unlock”. :angry: Another symptom: when she suddenly locks on me, if I try to unlock the driver’s door from the inside she’ll do so, but the message is not also relayed (no pun intended) to the passenger door to do same (or vice versa). It’s like the two doors are on two completely separate circuits, at least at times. :crazy_face:

If the radio suddenly comes on one day, and you hear 50’s rock music, BALE OUT!