Supplementary air valve

For the life of me I cannot see where the hose from the SAV on the RH air cleaner connects to!!
About a 10 in hose that looks like it want to terminate under the intake and should do so to provide the air to the manifold.
What am I missing??

Too many pictures in this thread, but take your time and you’ll see it (May 19):

What year is your car?


Steve and Paul thanks for responding and I keep forgetting that everyone doesn’t know my jag is a '87 xj12!
Steve it looks like your 6 liter is a bit different, than my 5.3, however the bit that I am struggling with is in the top right hand corner of picture 13 in the post you linked me to.
From the purpose of the valve (to add additional air on start-up as I found out tonight upon research) it must connect to the manifold. But I’ll be damned if I can see where.
I’ll take the air cleaner back off tomorrow to check again for a connection, and hopefully someone out there can end my frustration.

Thanks for the info on model and year of your car. It is surprising to me how many posts do not include the necesssary model and year info about the car being asked about.
I just took the attached three pictures of my Canadian market 1990 V12 Vanden Plas, which should be very much like your 1987 XJ12. The hose from the Supplemental Air Valve connects to a large nipple on the underside of the right hand intake manifold. I removed and replaced this hose a few years ago and tested the Supplemental Air Valve at the time that I did a thorough engine bay cleanup and restoration on this car. I believe that the right hand air filter assembly needs to be removed in order to install the end of the hose that connects to the intake manifold.


Thanks so much Paul, one more hose connection take care of!