Suspension upgrades

I am looking for recommended suspension upgrades for my SWB X300 6.0 V12, does anyone have any suggestions about shocks etc.?

If your shocks are OEM black ‘touring’ Bilsteins then switch to OEM green sports shocks.

Harvey Bailey do suspension upgrades but no amount of tweaking can stop it being more nose-heavy than the sixes or V8s.

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Thanks, good advice.

Installing the rear anti-roll bar from an XJR/6 should make quite an improvement. Bit of work, though.


Just came across this while searching for something completely different.
I never noticed the x305 being particularly nose heavy when I had only the V12.
But currently my daily drivers are the Jags, and having just switched from the 3.2 to the 6.0 after driving the 3.2 for 10000 miles I really felt the difference. Having said that, you can still throw it round corners sideways in a very controlled manner. Quite impressive for such a big and heavy car.

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