SV: [E-Type] Re: Tart-up

Steve wrote: Several of my problem areas seem to be cracks in the lead
itself. I’ve dug out grooves in the lead for fill with padding but I don’t
understand the origins of the cracks. Can any one comment?? TIA, Steve 69 2+2.

Hi Steve.
That depends on where these cracks are. My car (67 OTS) has cracks just above the sills, both sides, forward and aft of the doors. But mine is an OTS, i.e. with only one jacking point each side, yours will have two, and at that, with no roof to stiffen the body. That means the span and the flex in the body should be more pronounced than in your car.
The cracks in mine, came immediately after the outer sills had been replaced, and I had just bought it. Needed to test the jack “to see how you lift this thing if you get a flat tyre”.

I have chosen to see this as a cosmetic problem, and have covered some 3000 miles since the cracks first appeared. On the other hand, if anyone feels a warning is in place, please feel free. I’d rather read about it here than have a nasty, if not fatal experience while having fun on a bending road.

Dag P,
just outside Oslo, Norway (1E15252)

My 65 ots developed similar problem at the sills, but only to the rear of the
doors. A body man removed the hardura (?) panels on the inside of the car to
the rear of the seats. This revealed an inspection hole that allowed us to
see that the rear stiffener which supports/connects the inner and outer sills
had rusted away, allowing the car to flex, which resulted in the cracks. At
least that was his theory.