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I’ll check the rings and con rods, when I take out the pistons, to fit the new rings this weekend.

Yeb, I’ve been stunned for a couple of years now, and gray hair are starting to pop out of my head…:o)

I’ll tell the supplier that the bushes has to be bored to size, he doesn’t know that.

I always get wise to late, I honed the bushes to fit, which only takes a “little” more time than, the machinis would have used. :o)
(4 hours…pr. bush! I have too much time, according to my girlfriend.)

Nikolaj> Nikolaj - Ok, I can only believe that all the correct parts are fitted.

That leaves us back at the beginning. Have you looked at the 4,5,6 piston
rings yet? I’m just stunned that the problem hasn’t been solved at this
point. Do your con rods have oil squirt holes in them? No sense running
without the valve stem seals. Cam bushings need to be chucked up in a lathe
and bored to size after installation. Take the axle and sprocket to the
machinist and have him fit them.
Bob Grossman

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