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I can assure you, this is NOT an American thing only (though I will not get into any discussion whether this might happen more frequently in the US!)

Every day I go to the office, I see disastrous cases of engines leaking and burning oil, exhausts hanging off scraping the road, manual gearboxes sounding like they were used to cut wood, pistons being torn to pieces etc…

You are not alone! We all feel the pain!

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From: Kirbert
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Wife drove it until engine stop…

I’ve noticed this attitude depicted over and over in TV shows,
movies, etc.: There’s CLEARLY something disastrously wrong with the
car, but the driver presses on until it has gone every last foot it
will travel under its own power. Do people really DO this? And, if
so, why? Is it strictly an American affliction and Europeans and
Australians and other people have more sense and stop SOONER rather
than LATER in order to minimize damage, or are people everywhere like

– Kirbert