Swallow Doretti

I suppose most of us know that Jaguar began as Swallow Sidecar, and became Swallow Coachbuilding, then SS Cars. The Swallow sidecar business continued on through about 1945, then Lyons sold it off.

Later Swallow Coachbuilding under the new owners made the Doretti sports car based on Triumph components.

A barn cache of seven Dorettis has been discovered in Ohio, and will be auctioned off later this month.

There are also some Triumphs including a special coupe bodied TR3 called a Francorchamps by Imperia of Belgium.


Thanks, I just passed the link along to a friend restoring a Swallow Doretti.

There was a Swallow Doretti in Richmond, VA that came out to a friends place in Powhatan way back in the 90s. I had never seen one before. Good to see there are more around the states