Swallow-SS-Jaguar Centenary Brooklands UK

I popped along to Brooklands today to look for people with MKIV’s that wouldn’t mind me talking to them about their cars and obviously to take a million photos as reference for my restoration. There were some lovely SS-Jaguar and MKIV’s and more SS100’s than I have ever seen in my life before :slight_smile:

I thought I would share a few photos but I am sure there are better ones out there.

Was anyone else there?


I wasn’t there but recognise a few of the cars belonging to owners I know.

Thanks for posting the nice photos.

If you are based in the south east you should go to the monthly pub meetings.

Monthly Meetings

In addition, on the 2****nd Thursday of every month throughout the year, we have a general meeting for the Register at the Holly Bush, Potters Crouch, St Albans Herts. We are the only Register to do this and, although it is long way for many Members, everyone is welcome to join us at this quintessentially English Pub, very close to St. Albans, for our monthly get together. It is always an informal and lively meeting and enhanced because our ‘other halves’ regularly join us. The pub is run by Club Member Ray Taylor and his wife Karen and their daughter Vanessa and son-in-law Steve. It is really one of the nicest pubs in the whole area and the menu is excellent - so we tend to eat there as well!


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That’s about a 1 hour drive for me… but one day I will be there :slight_smile:

Lovely, lovely photos… thanks!

The white DHC is interesting. It is LHD and has the 7" headlamp conversion for USA delivered cars.
Was that Army green trailer an SS Cars product?
I’ve always liked Old #8 and wondered what it would be like to drive it with those dual wheels.

Hi Rob,
We’ll spotted, yes it was an SS trailer - the ‘light’ version apparently but it didnt look too light to me :slight_smile:

I suspect the white DHC was imported at some point, I didnt find the owner of that one to ask.

A great day though, apparently over 1000 Jaguars in attendance and my Etype was just one of hundreds - clearly they are common as muck so good job I have a 46 MKIV :slight_smile:


Ha, ha, don’t let them hear you say that, but yes they did build 72,527 of them.
A lot of trailers too.

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