Swapping airbag steering wheel for Nardi

I’m considering buying a ‘91 XJ-S coupe. I don’t really care for the stock steering wheel and would prefer a wooden Nardi.

This car’s steering wheel has airbags and has a tilting mechanism. I have seen listings on Ebay for new Nardi steering wheels which include hubs that they claim will work on XJ-S years 1990-96.

My main question is will I still be able to use the tilting mechanism if I make the swap? My legs are quite long so I don’t want to give up this function.

Is there any issue that I am unaware of which prevents the removal of air bagged steering wheels?

Any recommendation on the optimal size- they range in size from 330-390mm

Regarding the size: A few years back there was a discussion on how to make the steering in the XJ-S feel more sporty, with suggestions of altering the spring in the power steering pump to reduce the pressure assist, or just replace the rack with the Sportspak rack. But somebody suggested just installing a steering wheel an inch or two smaller, and a couple of others agreed that it makes the steering feel a lot better.

Yes no problem, the tilting mechanism is in the column, before the splined shaft that the steering wheel boss will attach to. Your biggest issues are likely to be getting the horn working and the self cancelling mechanism for the indicators.

James . . .
What will your insurance company think about the removal of safety-related equipment? Not a problem as long as you don’t encounter any of the myriad pathetically bad drivers that populate the North American roads.

They think and appreciate good customers with cosmetic approach. They will still pay out to you or your family. Minus 95% contributing root cause. Even if it’s not the case…
Oh, I forgot to mention that wooden splinters under cerebrospinal meninges are their favourite.

My 94 came to me with a MOMO F1 wheel.
It was very sporty and had great feel but I wanted to go original.
The air bag system on the 94 is mechanical and requires a ‘D’ shaped tool for removal.
Everything else is located downstream from the wheel so no conflict.

On a post I included last year, their were details of this issue listed.
I bought a Nardi, wooden wheel including the boss kit and centre push button horn .
The wheel choice was smaller than the original and also a dished design ,which has now altered the whole driving feeling. No more Putco bus feeling ,my only gripe was that I’m sure I could have done it for cheaper , using momo or similar.