Swapping out the O2 sensors on my XJR-100 any thing I should be aware of

Well I’ve got a nagging O2 sensor code, and it’s the pre catalytic or upstream sensor, I figured I might as well replace all of them while I was at it.
This seems to be pretty straight forward, space is a bit cramped; but that’s nothing new to Jaguar engine bays.
Is there anything I should be aware of before I head down my merry way?

Thank you in advance

Top left is a nightmare.

I took my coolant tank out, maybe the heater valve too.
I gave up in the end, but managed to get the lower one out from under the car.

I had to disconnect the exhaust pipes from both sides and lower it, so I could get access

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Thank you @AndyK for the bad news. :slightly_smiling_face: Well, looks like I’ll have to get the XJ-S off the lift for this job.


I liked it being on the ground, so I could prop the exhaust on wood.
But whatever works for you

Good point! I will keep that in mind when that time comes. Probably sooner rather than later like I thought. My work will be curtailed for at last May 18th due to the whole Corona Virus thing.

this will give me a chance to catch up on my YouTube channel as well as other Jag Related projects I’ve got going on.

Thank you

My codes went off a couple of years ago. My local Jag mechanics said that they always use NTK sensors. After buying some cheaper units that did not cure the codes, I got the NTK and everything cleared !
One of the easier jobs.

97 x300 4.0

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Thank you Louie, I have a small fortune tied up in the NTK sensors. Good to know – I seriously thought about getting a cheaper sensor, but I’ve used NTK in the past and they’ve worked like a champ!