Swapping out the rear end

I was considering replacing the leaf springs on my 63 Marl 2, 3.8 liter with coil springs. Moss has a kit for $3K. But, now I’m considering swapping out the entire rear end and suspension.
Is there a compatible or somewhat compatible Jaguar fully independent rear end that would fit a Mark 2? Or at least one that can be easily modified?

Think about it :thinking: , S-type and 420’s are more or less the same bodyshell’s :grin:
Or , weld mountings on top of axle , long plate on the body , to weld mounting points for coil over shocks , steel plate , 2 new GAZ coil over shocks , bit of U channel , weekends work , less then £400 thank you very much :laughing:

Or , or , buy a set of GAZ adjustable shocks , they will transform the car !

If you look up retropower YouTube channel they are rebuilding a modded mk2 and created a Watts link for the stock rear end which looks pretty sweet. Would require some custom work but seems like a great upgrade.

GAZ within coil springs looks promising. Still not truly independent rear but would be better than leafs

I had a quick look on SNG Barret . The offer GAZ adjustable shocks.


They don’t seem to offer them with coils integrated like I see for other models.

Is there a direct replacement for stock suspension that includes the springs ? Also can you set the shocks at different levels to level up the rear suspension ? Mine is pretty close but would like to fine tune.



A friend of mine, Alan Gerard, was a professional Jaguar restorer in Seattle and had a project going many years ago to convert a 3.8S (factory irs) to a “Mk2”. While the roofline and some other features would not be the same as a Mk2, he considered it easier to change the front and rear fenders on a 3.8S than to graft an IRS into a Mk2 body shell. I’m telling you this so that you will understand that putting an IRS into a Mk2 is a major undertaking, essentially restructuring the car. You are far better off finding a lesser option like shock changes, or switch to a model of Jaguar that came with the irs. As far as I know, the car was never finished and Alan is no longer of this world, but he was an encyclopedia of Jaguar knowledge.

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This might give you some idea of what is involved.

wow, great video. When I saw the 2012 date I thought, “He will never finish.” Well not done yet but last 2019 posting is looking good for a totally modified Mk2. Impressive engineering and workmanship. Thank you.

I’ve owned my 1967 Mark 2 for 33 years. In February 2020, the rear leaf springs, bushings, torque arms, panhard rod along with all bushings were replaced. The quality of ride and lack of road noises or rattles have made the car an absolute pleasure to drive. The car probably handles as well as when it was sold new in 1967. I suppose the fitment of IRS (if even possible) might improve handling somewhat, I prefer to stick to the adage, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

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great thoughts thanks