Switch and instrument bulbs - 1998 x308

I have about 8 bulbs out:- tacho/speedo; Valet; Aircon on/off; Defrost screen; defrost rear window; Aircon recirc; J gate (park end of gate); rear seat switch pack. There is some info in the archives but I can’t find a complete list for the 1998 308. Does anyone know of a complete schematic with part numbers?


Should help with the climate panel. He provides 3 part numbers

He is fitting LEDs to the switches if that interests you


Thanks Andy - that’s a help.


Nice video, but how do you r/r the bulbs themselves, and where can you get them? I’ve needed those tiny green LEDs for the backlighting of the instruments of Superblue for ages, but have no idea where to source them. :confused:

Have you Googled “LED bulbs T4.2”? I did and replaced pretty much every such bulb in The Duchess.

So far not so good. These switches are NLA and my local dismantler doesn’t have anything in. Anyone know what designation the bulb is so I can get a replacement on line and solder it in?



If they are the same ones as used in the gear selector and the Cruise Control and Sports buttons, I had success with these:

Bailey BP23120501 - T1 Bi-Pin 2.54 12V 50mA C-2V which I got from https://www.lampco.co.uk/

For me, there was a little blue cover over the light which I think is what you had here.



I actually ended up with this one, because the 50ma was out of stock:

I thought I would be clever and use micro LEDs - they were brilliant but needed resistors in series to work at 12V and the resistors were too large to fit the switch cavity. So went with the incandescent 12volt ones. Got mine from Rapid Electronics of Colchester - 12v 0.48 Watt 3.2mm x 6.5mm blue; I swapped all 8 in the rear switch console between the seats so I wouldn’t have to open it up again.

I couldn’t find anything on line or in the WRM about the rear console switches so for anyone contemplating bulb renewal this description may help. To get to the bulbs:- remove arm rest cubby hole liner (8 fir trees); remove arm rest at hinge (3x T20); prize up wood effect switch surround (2 spring clips near centre + double sided tape at top and bottom); remove 2x cross head screws at top of switch panel and prise up bottom (two spring clips); disconnect multiplug and withdraw complete switch panel assembly. Then remove and dismantle the switches individually. Remove old bulbs by twisting to break connectors at base; prise apart conductor stubs to prevent shorting after re-assembly; solder new bulb conductors to old base.

Next, on to the front dashboard bulbs.


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Very handy, thanks Andy! :smiley_cat: