Switches on the oil galley (XJ6 SII)

Hello all,
There are two switches on the oil galley that are governed by oil pressure.
I need to refresh my memory as to what they control while I am reconnecting everything.

Nb. 1 - One of them is off when the engine is off, and becomes an earth/ground when the engine spins with oil pressure. I believe this one controls the fuel pumps and ensures that no gas gets to the carb is oil pressure is too low.

Nb. 2 - The other one is an earth/ground when the engine does not have oil pressure, and disconnects from earth/ground when it detects oil pressure. I believe this one ensure no power gets to the coil if there is no oil pressure.

Can you experts confirm this?

Thank you.

Number2 is the oil pressure idiot light sender. iMHO.

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Ah yes, that would make more sense that a power cut off.

Number one, IIRC, does control the fuel but the logic is that IF there oil pressure and IF the ignition key is in the off position then the fuel is turned off. This switch was added in 1973 along with a bunch of pollution equipment (EGR) which tended to cause engine run-on (dieseling). A special ignition switch contact was added and used–only hot when the switch is off.

Other systems on other cars do stop the fuel pump if the engine stops (as in a wreck on the FI cars) but not the carbed XJs AFAIK. IMHO.

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