Tags and the use of

(Aristides Balanos) #1

Good morning dear Administrators !

I tried to tag a post but it doesn’t let me create a new tag…
It could be quite useful, as many posts could have a common interest, par example: V12 with E-Type, XJ and XJS…
Is it that only the admins can do this ?
If so maybe create tags to connect categories with common elements, like V12 with E-Type, XJ and XJS, etc ?

Just an idea, and thanks for your great work!



(David Jauch) #2

I can do, but not always. See above; I took the freedom to add one to your post… it’s a bit crude.
If possible there should be rules established, otherwise it will only create a mess, don’t you think?

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(Andrew Waugh) #3

Trust level 3 and above can create tags. @davidsxj6 is TL3, @Aristides1 isn’t.


(David Jauch) #4

Okay. So not going to become a mess then. My creativity is limited.
Engine type tagging, if most used it, would make so much sense, though! If you want me to create a new tag that makes sense to introduce just @ me, Aristides. v12 is there already, but we could use xjs, transmissions, irs etc.


(Aristides Balanos) #5

Yes it would be great.
I think that XJ, XJ-S, E-Type and Saloons, should all be interconnected, as they all share so many elements, and all of the above, as you say, with the V12 and XK Engine categories.