Tail light - bang on lens cure?

So my passenger side tail light keeps going off and the bulb fail light comes on on the dash.
Fitted new bulb, raised copper prong in socket, socket is clean as a whistle/like new, all good, back on again although bulb I replaced looked ok …annoyingly, jarring speed bump at the mall parking lot extinguished bulb/put on BF on dash again this morning but a slight bang on the outer lens and hey presto, operation restored. Pain in the ass though, obviously some kind of loose connection in the rear quarter, plug to rear cluster clean and tight and indicators/brake work fine …any ideas lads?

It apparently is not an intermittent filament in the bulb, so maybe a dodgy solder joint on the board containing the bulb holders?

Thanks Mike, could indeed be that. I know I reflowed one of the boards a while back, (distant memory) …maybe it was the driver’s side one I did?

Anyway that will give me something to do next week - cataract surgery on Monday, so have to stay home for a few days after I guess.

Larry, before you start taking any parts off your car try another bulb. AND I know you have already replaced the bulb.
I had the same problem only a few weeks ago, I tested everything with my meter and could find nothing wrong with the supply to the bulb holder. I’d tested the new bulb before fitting and it checked out as fine, it was from a pack of four, they all checked out as ok with a test meter set to ohms showing a complete circuit across the filament but only one would actually light up when in position in the car.

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Well I took the rear cluster apart this afternoon and reflowed all the joints, haven’t been able to drive over to the auto parts place yet or anywhere else as still recovering from eye surgery …disappointing result on the reflow though, same symptom with bang cure…so will try another bulb in a day or so …what else could it be?
Doesn’t make sense to be something else ( :thinking: ) as all the bulbs in the cluster share the same three wires for power and ground - backup plus one stop/turn bulb are powered with one wire with tail and other stop/turn powered with the other. Common ground in the middle.

The turn signals and backup lights are ok …or at least I think they are …next time I get the bulb fail warning I’ll check the turn signal before banging on the outer lens :roll_eyes:

Larry, at the risk of stating the obvious, have you tried installing a bulb that is not working on one side into the other side to confirm or refute the bulb as faulty?

of course not! :laughing: …but guess what i’ll be doing tomorrow :thinking:

I tested all four bulbs from the pack I bought in the tail light cluster of my VW Golf, all four had shown continuity across the filaments using the ohms setting on my meter but only two of them would actually illuminate. The weird thing was only one of the two ‘working’ bulbs would then actually work in the Jag light cluster and it didn’t look the same, it looked a lot brighter than the other side. I ended up slinging all four bulbs in the bin and went out and bought replacements from a different shop and they all worked with no problems.

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