Tail of the Dragon

5th Annual Tail of the Dragon Rally - F-Type Forever This should be very interesting for any F-Type owners. This is the 5th year and getting bigger each year. The Coventry Foundation is a sponsor this year as they were last year. Come out and enjoy!


If it werent so danged far away…!

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You’ll be retired in that motorhome soon enough.
Look forward to your video drifting that big sucker through The Tail of The Dragon.

I think someone already posted it…agr of it suggests it might have @Mike_S’s beloved 413 Squareshaft innit!


Circling a church(?) in a motor home in full drift mode! :joy: What could possibly go wrong? :+1::joy:

I understand the appeal, but those guys would have a lot more fun with far, far lower risk if they just rented Road Atlanta for an afternoon.

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I love that the soundtrack to this is Norwegian music (Edward Grieg). From my hometown, no less.

I betcha that little stunt cost a fortune in gas, and a potential transmission overhaul. But who’s counting? Oh, and the understeer is epic.

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Thanks, it would be, except it’s a bit far. (I love how they list the location as “Tapoco Lodge,” without ever mentioning which state it’s even in. :wink:).

Sounds like a lot of fun, though! Perhaps we should start a west coast equivalent, driving Highway 1 from SF to LA, or the other way around. Or, even better, from SF up to Eureka. With a stop at Sonoma Raceway, for Open Track Day.