Tail pipes differences?

Got a question for anyone that might have been there/done that…

Is the exhaust/tail pipes the same for a V6 vs a V8? I have picked up a Lincoln LS V8 which is the same car under the skin as our S Types. But its missing the exhaust from the mufflers back. A wrecking yard north of here has two V6 S types for parting and I was curious as if the pipes were the same I’d go up there and check it out. If not, I don’t want to waste 2 hours on the trip.



Model years will probably have a lot to do with compatibility. The bodies are the same for the V8 or V6 for the same MY but the pipe diameter might be different?

sorry - its a 2000 LS and the two V6 S Types are 2000 and 2001