Tailight lens screws

Can someone tell me if the screws that secure the tailight lens and running light lens on a series 1.5 are supposed to be phillips or slotted head?

My non-answer answer is that by that time frame, most small screws were Phillips (posi-drive) simply because they were more efficient to install in an assembly line environment. Kind of like now, everything seems to be Torx.

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Definitely Phillips/Pozidrive… not sure when the line between the two can be drawn.

Pozidriv is different from Phillips. A Pozidriv screwdriver has extra lugs on the point and won’t engage properly in a Phillips screw.

I’m pretty sure Jaguar used Phillips if they weren’t slotted screws.

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Not sure early on but Pozidriv in the seventies for sure.

Understand the difference, just not sure if/when Jag used one or the other.

Margaret’s screws are definitely Phillips.

EDIT: the one screw I happened to look at was Phillips: out today, collecting the small, NLA bits off my parts Rovers before they get smushed, I noticed the lens’ screws are definitely Pozidrive.


My S1.5 has pozidriv screws for the taillights, as shown in your picture. Here’s mine -

And on the fronts as well -

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A thread a while back suggested that E’s (and contemporaneous saloons) changed from slotted to Pozidriv and never used Phillips. Earlier cars, including early E’s used slotted exclusively. An exception, over all production back to XKs, was use of Phillips (usually large ones) for a few functions, like attaching the field coils to the generator and the starter motor.


As per post above, there are other threads on the forum regarding Phillips head screws. When the cutover began on the late 3.8 cars, Spares Bulletin P.115 specifically referred to the fact that “Phillips Head Setscrews are now used to secure the Headlamp Chrome Finishers”. Phillips Headed screws were then increasingly used on S1 4.2s. Pozidriv screws were not patented until 1963 so would be unlikely to find their way into Jaguar Production for some years (given Jaguar was only just cutting across from slotted to Phillips headed screws).

Without answering your question, (though I believe your car no longer had the slotted screw) the old slotted screw was apparantly chromed, and is nla. I don’t know if the slotted screw was used front and rear? On the UK Forum a few years ago a reproduction part is mentioned by David Jones, that Richard Smith has nice reproductions. Picture from there:

Thanks, Bill. That link provided a nice concise explanation.

Another data point. The front and rear lenses on my S1.5 are new replacements (you can tell that from the lack of a centre ridge in the chrome separator strip) but the screws are original, and Pozidriv.

And this is the new Lucas LH sidelamp assembly offered by SNG - one of which I bought but never used, p/n C16091. Again, pozidrive or phillips screws.


My series 1.5 also has pozidrive front and rear.

I have a fair few of these correct-vintage Pozidrive screws, if anyone needs some.

Then they would need to get a set of Pozidrive screwdrivers! :scream::joy:

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Fasteners - Screws and Accessories - Screwdriver Bits & Holders (woodworkerexpress.com)

They are right proud of they ones that fit the tool. I’ve a set of SnapOn, which are also certainly not cheap, but being full size drivers, I’ve never lost any of the set in 20 years. :wink:

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My name Craig and I have an addiction.
I am a tool addict (I fully admit I have a monkey {wrench} on my my back)

I have a heavy dose of Snap-On tools in my kit
I am partial to Facom for screwdrivers - the one with the black shaft is a Posi-Drive.

And, YES, Paul - my OCD is in plain sight: slotted on the left, Torx in the middle , and Phillips (with 1x Posi-drive) on the right; stubbies and nut divers in fromt.

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