Tandem Master Cylinder Parts

Hello together
I have a problem with my tandem master brake cylinder. There was a wrong one installed. I have an old, original bought in the net and try to refurbish them. All parts are in a usable condition. Only the piston stop No. 4192 is corroded. I had to press them out. Now my question! Does anyone know where I can buy one? Or do I have to make the piece by myself?
Second question! Does the piston stop have to be tight in the housing or must by slidable? If I build up pressure it would completely compress the thin spring on the left if the piston stop can slide. What is correct?

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Bremszylinder.pdf (150.1 KB)

Item 16 on this Lockheed page, part # 30834

All parts should be free to slide in and out, not tight.

Hello Rob
Thanks for the info.
If I had looked properly in the service manual, I would have seen it by myself.
Does anyone know who sells such a part? Mine is so badly corroded that I can not reinstall it.

I have several dismantled tandem master cylinders.
Send me a picture of your corroded part and I will mail you a good used one. no charge. mike@xkss.com

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