Tank - duct - XJ6/SI - what is this?

Hi good folks, hope for some help. I have tanks out of my XJ6 series I, and found this duct, which makes no sense or does not appear to hae any functionality (which I am sure it does…)
Pic 1: just the car w/wheel

Pic 2 & 3: From inside rear wing/tank. Duct highlighted

4: From inside wheelarch

5: and lastly from inside trunk

Happy for good insights, thanks all & regards, Ulf

Congratulations on the car! - The paint looks very original, even though I’m not aware of this colour and am shocked I can’t see the fuel filler lid in the first pic:-o

My guess would have been the draining tube from the filler lid recess. I haven’t been there myself, but could imagine well the rubber tube is directed this way out.

Good luck


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

On the S3 (mine) the filler drain comes from far up and forward (where the lid is, obviously) and indeed exits somewhere in that area. You could pour in a little water and see if the drain hose went missing, or if my memory is wrong.
If it is not that drain it might as well be provision for sunroof drains, or something else Jaguar decided was worth to stamp a hole for just in case. I wouldn’t worry in the least. Same goes for the tape. I have the same tape as well, and Jochens’ S2 probably has, too…

Agree that it seems to look nice. You had troubles in that area before, but I‘m sure you’ll come to terms with the details. You got the tanks out, so you won’t have trouble with a few holes…
All the best,

Hi, in a S1 there is a drain from the fuel filler cavity and depending on the market there might be an open vent tube for the tank… but it appears the one you are referencing is one of the 2 drains for the ventilation duct plate that attaches under the rear shelf. In your final pic, it’s the vertical black tube.


Before closed tank ventilation was introduced; a simple hose was fitted from the filler neck down to ground to vent the tank. This was/is still used on ‘European’ versions for tank venting…

As far as I know, the water drain hose from the filler lid cavity was fitted between the tank and the body - but variations may exist…?

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

thanks for insights, great :slight_smile:
Original color of Signal red (altough retouched). My dads car which I’ve ended up with-which is nice. Water drain holes are not, as out as I’ve just changed for new ones and know where they go. Yes-tanks are out (rust/acid-blasted both (+ small welding done to a pinhole) & tanklid over on the workbench…
Yes, it may be som form of venting-however today the duct seems clogged with some debris. Going to bed last night I came to think it maybe even have been for electricity-cabelling from tank? Anyways-as you can see from trunk side, its rusting around this hole, so unless I hear otherwise I am shutting it off, removing duct all together & closing at both ends.