Tank switch and heated window switch bulb

I need some expertise here. I have a 1984 XJ6 and I am re-doing the panel with the 4 switches and the clock in the middle. I have noticed one of the little bulbs that lights up the two left switches is out… I have it in front of me, but I can’t figure out what type it is exactly! It’s smaller than the normal bulbs used everywhere else. Does someone know a code for them? On it it says 12V and 2 W.

Thanks for the help,

The part number is JLM9593. I don’t know the industry/trade number.

I recall, from eons ago, having a problem finding any locally so I bought a few from a Jag vendor. Still have some stashed away…somewhere!



You are a life saver, thanks so much Doug!

By the way, if anyone needs these, correct me if i’m wrong, but they should be equivalent to the bulbs with parts code BA7S: The nice thing is they are much more common (and cheap), and they even make BA7S LED’s! So I will finally be able to see those switches.

I am currently in the process of ‘upgrading’ those bulbs in my XJ6. They are: “BA7” bulbs. I want brighter bulbs, so I ordered a dozen of them in LED bulbs. I ordered a half dozen each from two suppliers yesterday. I hope to have them in the next few days. If you can wait a few days, I’ll be able to report back on how much better they illuminate the switches. I bought them from two different suppliers so I could see which ones are the brightest. I also went with LED bulbs for the interior lights in the pillars, with LIGHT up the interior now.


I would like brighter interior bulbs for my series 3 XJ6 What is the brand name, part number, and vendor for these? Thanks

Mel R.

I went through: ‘superbrightleds.com’ for some, and also: ‘ledlight.com’. All you have to do is type in: BA7 for the bulb type. They were between a dollar, to a little less than a dollar and a half each. I also went to Amazon for the festoon bulbs that go in the upper pillars for interior/cabin lighting. I bought a pair of: ‘Alla’ LED bulbs # 41mm-EIT-15W

So this is what they look like now. Much brighter than before, i’m very pleased. This is the bulb:

2 x BA7S - 12 V - White Blue Red Green Yellow Warm White Cold White 5050 SMD for Bulb Toys (Cool W https://amzn.eu/d/fITrzBx


I bought a pair a few years ago and they had a very high (bluish) color temperature. The ones I see on Amazon are similar (5000 deg). Are the ones you bought similar? I’m looking for something “warmer.”

I hate to say it, but the only way I was able to find bright enough bulbs to actually light up the interior was to get ones that are ‘xenon white’. The colour number for the lights I have is: 6k, which is too white for a classic English car, but I don’t know of any warmer white ones that aren’t quite a bit less illuminating. The other option would be to put a ‘filtre’ of some sort inside the plastic lens.

They look fabulous!