Tappet Block sweating oil after head gaskets replaced on V12

My tappet blocks were not leaking before, but since I have replaced the head gaskets, reinstalled the heads and camshafts, they now appear to be leaking a small amount of oil. This is before I have even reinstalled the camshaft covers. The tappet blocks were not removed from the heads.

How likely is it that they would now be leaking even without the engine not reassembled? Am I imagining this?

Thank you in advance for your advice. This group has been very, very helpful with my head gasket replacement project.

How was the head to remove? If it took a bit of effort it may have compromised the no gasket joint between head and tappet block.
I would check and retouque the socket heads and hope for the best. If it still leaks patch job can be done but removal and fresh sealant would be preferable.

Makes sense. I didn’t think about that. Head puller would have pulled up on tappet block. Thanks! Now I know it is worth taking tappet block off and resealing. Your insight is greatly appreciated.

Did you have the head faces skimmed?

No. I did not. It was recommended not to be done.

Strange? I’ve never refitted one without having them skimmed?