Tapping power out of the 400v battery

We have done 108,000km in our 2020 iPace HSE. Brilliant car once we put French Michelin 245/50 Pilot Sport SUV on. Just had our first problem. Car would not move, battery fault indicated on screen. Turns out it was dead 12v battery. IPace has two, one normal 12v lead acid, other a small AGM, which is supposed to be long lasting. The AGM needed replacement (NZ $455). Everything now normal.

But my question to the forum is has anyone managed to extract power out the 90kWh 400v DC battery? I have bought a Japanese spec 2019 IPace HSE with 30,000km. It has two charging ports. A 240v ac on the right front guard and a 400vDC CHADEMO on the left front guard (where the CCS one is on our 2020 car). The CHADEMO plug on Nissan Leafs allow bidirectional DC transfer, but I do not know whether IPace will allow it. Wallbox (Spanish charger company) has just released a 7.2Kw vehicle to house device called Quasar which I thought might work. Any thoughts or experience?

Correction 265/50 Michelins.

From what I’ve see, the EV must have support for Vehicle to home (V2H) or Vehicle to grid (V2G) for this to be feasible. Oddly, for such a blindingly obvious useful feature, few cars appear to have support for it so far.