TCU tech question

Hello all,

Retired auto tech here… 33 yrs under my belt at various indy shops and dealerships. Didn’t do much work on jags but a car is a car in my head…

A friend of a friend has a '97 XK8 on which the dealer says the trans computer is faulty. They say they unable to source a new/remanufactured unit. They will not install a used unit. They are plentiful in my quick search on and eBay.

My question to the knowledgeable here:
Can a used unit from one car be transferrable to another? Will there be any VIN mismatch problems making the swap useless? I am aware the VIN break for the TCU and this is a later model.

TIA for your knowledgeable input!


There is a label in the boot next to the spare wheel with the part number and SUFFIX of the modules.

The TCM does NOT need configuration on the 4.0 liter X100 CAN bus.

Swap in a suitable module and go on with your life.