Tee nuts in floor boards

In case anyone has a need for new BSF tee nuts in their floor, I found a supplier called NTG Motor Services.

They also have Aerotight and Philidas self locking nuts.


Nice find, well done Rob.

Could pick up Rob…

I see they also have a few CHEESE Head screws, with BA thread, as was asked about someone recently…

Screw - Chrome 2BA x 5/8 Cheese Head | F048B | Required Qty AR (mgbits.com)

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NTG is a comprehensive supplier of parts for early MGs. They have a broad range of h/t BSF bolts. Go into the ‘fixings’ section.

A good source for Lucas items is holden.co.uk and vintagecarparts.co.uk (aka Paul Beck) for a vast range of accessories and bits and pieces at better prices than most competitors.

Have a look at classicrepro.co.uk and isaydingdong.co.uk for original transfers, labels, badges, plaques, vin plates etc.

Unless I’m missing something, but just visiting the NTG website, the 1/4" BSF Tee Nuts as shown get crossed over to a 1/4 W application. I’ve been looking for 8 1/4" BSF Tee Nuts for ages.

Harold Lang

That seems to be the situation. They have a qualifying note to say they cannot source BSF any longer.

If acceptable T nuts are available in 6mm, this could be a good option as the nuts can easily be re-tapped to BSF because the tpi is close - 26 versus 25.4 (1mm). The re-tapping also takes the diameter out from 6 to 6.35 and the finished thread leaves no trace of its original for a short length. I had to do this for a thread joiner. A rougher solution is to re-tap the Whitworth ones to BSF. I am only aware of the availability of the pronged type of T nut for insert flush application, not the surface mount type.