Tefba Filter website no longer available

Anyone made a purchase from them recently?
I paid for 2 filters on 6 Sep but when I tried to check my order yesterday Tefba’s website was no longer available…

so the website is still unavailable …
i did a google and there is a similar product in Australia…

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The website www.tefbafilters.com shows a business address at 7715 Robin Road, Dallas, Tx. This is the same address where www.v12performance.com was listed. That’s the address for Brian Welker. Both websites are currently down. Could be temporary , could be permanent, could be any number of possibilities. Mr. Welker has multiple complaints on multiple fronts for not sending out product purchased, failure to return phone calls, and failure to make refunds. All of you should be so advised.
SD Faircloth

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Thanks for the headsup…
Didnt occur to me that both had the same address…
I have read about V12performance and should have been cautious…

You should be able to order straight from Australia, where they are made. That’s where I got mine a couple years ago. I think I found them on ebay.

Yes, I did that and ordered directly from Redline in Australia.
I will take it that the original order will not be fulfilled…
The purchase from Redline was actually cheaper as the exchange rate was more favorable.


About the only issue i have with these Tefba filters, i tighten them down as hard as i can by hand. But need channel locks to loosen them. Or maybe my hands have got weak?

It is mentioned in the book that Tefba does have this issue of difficulty opening the cap… Pg 192

It was also mentioned that the original hose for the B bank does not work, and NAPA’s hose P/N 7737 was suggested.
However, for some reason, NAPA has blocked access to their site from my country, so I was not able to purchase the correct hose from them.

Are you using the original hose, or you have used another type.


I bought the napa hose as described in the book.

Then I will have to find a way to source for the correct hose from Napa.
Thank you.

I simply don’t understand the concern for part numbers. You need a hose that goes from Point A to Point B, so just look over the selection of radiator hoses in the parts shop until you find one you can cut to fit.

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I would like to do that, unfortunately that’s not how it works here in my country
The part shops will require the part number or car model before they try to find in their system. we do not have the liberty to search for the appropriate parts ourselves… they will simply ignore you if you can’t supply the information they need …
i know it sucks… but that’s how it is here …
and i think there are only less than 10 XJS in my country, which make it even more difficult to find parts
come to think of it, i think there are three 3.6 and one 4.0 cabriolet in my country now, excluding mine

What country are you in?
Can’t you just draw a diagram of the hose and measure it up to ID of any other hose. Pick a car, any car, and go through the list until you find something that will work.

Perhaps you could visit a salvage yard and look for a vehicle that has a hose that could be made to work. Use that hose to mock up, then buy a new hose for that vehicle type.

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I am in Singapore. the scrap yards here doesn’t allow us to search for the parts. They dismantle the cars usually within 2-3 days, and most of the parts are exported overseas.

The yards here are very different compared to those overseas…

Man, I would be st sea, with that system!

Now I understand what you mean. I have friends in Singapore and have been the several times.

Yes, you are right, I don’t believe that old cars are not really the flavor of the day and they don’t have salvage yards like they do in the west. You might find better luck visiting some small shops to find what you need.

super efficient system… time is money … haha

yup, that’s probably what I will need to do … i will visit some of the workshops I know and see if they can help

Your are only a few hours drive from Thailand, if all else fails you might try searching over there.

Figured I would post some info from the NAPA site in case a visual would help searching for the hose - Tex

and this second picture has the diameter size and the VMRS Code -