Teflon valve stem seals

(Zigmund) #1

I am finishing rebuilding the engine head on my 1989 XJ6 (burned valve made me do it), and I wonder if I should go for Teflon/silicone valve stem seals, instead of rubber ones that come in the head gasket kit.

Anyone has experience or knows Teflon/silicone seals that fit AJ6 engine with standard cams? This is not necessarily the correct fit, but as an illustration of what I am looking at: Teflon valve stem seal

Also, I read somewhere that original rubber seals do not grip tightly on the valve stem, and there is always a bit of oil flow down the stem; Teflon ones, on the other hand, grip the valve stem tightly, so would that be a stem/guide lubrication issue?

(Robin O'Connor) #2

Personally I would stay with the original units, lack of lubrication is going to lead to premature wear on the valve stems, the slight puff of blue smoke that will eventually eminate from the tail pipes is not a big problem.