Telcamet Oil Filter felt insert wrappings

In trying to pin down the appearance of a NOS Telcamet felt oil filter insert for my late 1954 XK120 OTS, I have assembled the attached graphic.

I have discovered so far three different “stages” of the evolution of the packaging as shown, but no information on the transition dates between them. so I might well have them out of order as my guess was based on the general state of parts packaging and no hard data.

I welcome additions as well as corrections to my highly speculative first cut.

Karl K


See the survey below I made many years ago.

I understand that most XK 120’s (apart from the earlier engines upto W4382) used the same filter element FG2421 as the XK 140 did. The FG2421 replaced the earlier FG2388 but they are physically identical.

I’ve one picture of an (original?) Tecalemit felt element in the box


And below is a Tecalemit advertisement showing the same element, but (more important for your question) also the “house style” for the packaging around 1950.

Hope this helps,

Bob K.



That helps immensely

The ad also appears to confirm my Stage 2 box as correct by 1950 so I can forget about the glassine wrapped for my car even though I have fund two of them as NOS.

I may look into making a few reproduction boxes as mine is legible, but very old.

Thank you.