Telescoping Steering Wheel XK140

I’m on my second day of trying to free up the Clamping Locknut (C7883) to adjust the telescoping steering wheel and the locknut refuses to move. Tried band clamps, plumber’s plier wrench with tape wrapped around the nut, tapping the hole with brass punch and hammer, spanner wrenches using the holes on the nut, Kroil Oil for 24 hours. It will not budge. Removed the wheel, no rubber distance washer (C8099) and the 2 split cones (C7878) just fell out. There appears to be a multi-split collet under the locknut (see photo) that doesn’t appear in any of the parts catalogs, am I correct in assuming it is part of the locknut?
Also, what is the proper location/orientation of the split cones?
Appreciate any insights.

Are you attempting to turn the locking ring clockwise as viewed from this photo?
Clockwise loosens the grip of the collar on the splines, allowing the two halves to slide.
( Sorry, if you already know this) The two split collars should seat in a taper on the underside of the steering wheel, and are then secured by the nut holding the wheel, so, from memory, collars should be narrow end towards you. ( I think :thinking:)

Yes, turning it clockwise from driver’s seat. Also, noticed that my VIN no. did not use the rubber distance washer. So one item resolved.

Maybe this is one of those things that turn backwards Down Under, but to loosen my XK140 steering column the big knurled Clamping Locknut needs to be turned counter-clockwise to loosen. The one on my car is not easy to turn, and I find that sticking a 1/4" drill bit shank in the hole allows enough leverage to turn it. A drill rod is necessary because a bolt will simply bend under the stress. That multi-split collet that you see is tapered towards you and when the Clamping Locknut screws away from you it presses those splits closer together and causes it to grip the splined shaft. That’s why you want to unscrew the Clamping Locknut so it travels towards you and releases the split collet. The lock ring on the XK120 loosens by turning clockwise, but all the later cars loosen by turning counter-clockwise. Try that and you may have better luck.

The two cones fit in that groove and keep the steering wheel from sliding further down the shaft. They install with the small ends towards the steering wheel. Look at the back of the steering wheel hub to see the taper where they fit.

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Yep thats going to be one tight nut to undo now. Deffinately anti clockwise to undo.

Crap!! The SM stated to loosen turn clockwise, I didn’t see any reference for the XK140 to turn counter-clockwise to loosen. I’ve been tightening it for two days.

It is anti-clockwise. I had your situation on one of my XKs when I first got it, 12yrs ago. I used an evormous plumbers wrench with a leather garden glove to protect the black locking device. It opened with a bit of force. Get somebody to hold the wheel and use 2 hands on the wrench.
It will open. I can guarantee it🤜

Just checked my S1 XJ and you turn anti-clockwise to loosen. My bad, sorry.

Lookes like it is being installed the way it should.
Your split cones are worn, I had the same issue on my XK140.
After replacing it all was working as intended.

While the Service Manual states to “loosen turn clockwise”, it obviously is for the 120 with no mention in the 140 supplement.
The XK140 Operating, Maintenance and Service Handbook states to loosen turn anti-clockwise.

First thanks to Mike for pointing out the correct rotation to loosen the collet. My first attempt broke a drill bit. I then put on an old wheel so not to damage the restored one, built a wooden brace from the wheel spoke to the floor to prevent the wheel from turning and with a large pipe wrench with a 3 foot pipe over the handle the locknut finally released. I protected the locknut from the wrench but it just needs a little paint touch. It’s working well now.
Thank for all your help.