Terrible retro parts and junk stock

I’m refraining from company names for now
But this has been a thorn in etype restorers for years
My brake pedal had the pin ground off
The retro is so terrible it doesn’t even match up!
Next a master brake cylinder covered in brake fluid and soaked through the front diaphragm
How this gets out?
I have no clue
Pure junk

looks like thats an offset clutch pedal. try using it there, idea being they aren’t so close together.
but I could be wrong. just spit-balling.

as for repro parts. meh… I have a box full of stuff I bought but ended up thinking was less than perfect. a high dollar item such as that I would send back and try another vendor. We are very lucky to have many options for parts considering these are 50-60 year old cars.

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I couldn’t even bring myself to take a picture of window trim , its the worst.
Well we keep going…the offset pedal I know of but I tried it on the pedal arm and the rubber wont even go over it clean!

Does to me too except it’s more likely a brake pedal. FIt it and see if it makes heel and toeing easier.

I purchased one from XK’s , it’s one of the few upgrades I’ve done and love it.


I understand the offset,but I didn’t want it , it was the brake pedal not the clutcg, but on this one for kicks if you put the rubber pedal over it and place it on the arm it wont even seat.
Plus look close its less than 1/8th of metal on the seam till the post comes out, how long can that last with all that force.
Ah well, waiting for anyone with a 5 speed that wont bow u news.
Off to Amelia to make Jag owners proud, wish us luck with the 120.

I like the offset brake pedal, I made my own but that one looks well made to me. I had to trim the rubber lip on the back of the pad to get it to seat, looks like this one will need that too.

Are you sure that is brake fluid all over the master? I never heard of one being shipped with brake fluid in it but they usually have some oily substance on them to inhibit corrosion, though not that much.


I’m thankful anybody makes an effort to make parts. I wouldn’t.

I know a fellow restoring a 1911 Cadillac. He’s turning down off the shelf bearings so they’ll fit into the wheel hubs. Forget finding parts for a cone clutch. He’s working from a 1964 article to convert to a 40 Ford flywheel and pressure plate.

Yep… We’ve got it easy despite the potholes.


the master cylinder supplier is already sending an overnight as they have never failed me.
The other supplier is sending the right pedal. He just called.
This is nothing new, it just slows down the process.
In ten years when the car is complete, we name everyone that helped out :slight_smile:gtjoey1314

? Not understanding that

When you text sometimes it goes to spell check and makes no sense
A 5 speed box that wont blow up!

Do you know of such an event? That would be something to share.

Had it been properly rebuilt? Was it installed in a car that was too heavy or behind and engine it wasn’t rated for?

Its fact now…
Call any of the vendors or creators of THEIR MODIFIED t5 tremec 5 speed.
Its not the drivenman /xk’s or historic box issue, It seems the actual internals from input shafts and bearings are of inferior quality.
Pre 2016 boxes seem ok but after that its a huge hit or miss, mostly miss.
So all eyes on tremec , they know the issues.
I might have an inside of a never used kit from 2012.
Hope it works out.

I suspect there are two potential time bombs (due to poorly designed after market parts) lurking in a fair number of engines rebuilt over the past ten or fifteen years. One is the Rolon lower timing chain tensioner, and the other is the chain guide brackets that fatigue, crack, and break. I believe both were probably sold by all of the various suppliers. I wonder if the usuals will reimburse owners when their engines self destruct due to these faulty, substandard parts… (rhetorical question) There are no service bulletins or warnings or recalls on these parts. Ask any of them about it, and the answer is “we have no reported problems”. Multiple failures of both are documented on this web site.

I’m afraid that you right! I had the chain tensioner come apart about ten yers ago that caused a lot of damage as the chain hooked a rubbing block breaking it and the chain . I also ended up replacing , as I recall, several sprockets and it’s ironic that this subject comes up at the same time that I’m rebuilding that cylinder head that ended up with a bent valve or two, nice to have extra parts sitting around!

Perhaps they would refund the $9 you paid for the part.

I caught (heard) mine before any collateral damage occurred.

I was happy when this convo came up, just before I rebuilt my Rover engine, a few years back: I sourced the Renolds tensioners (identical to Jag, MGs, and other Brit cars) to replace the two in its engine.

The chain guides, OTOH… I was lucky to find the two VERY not-like-any-others for ~$200…

Spell check happens AS YOU TYPE, not after you click Send. You have to READ your text BEFORE you click Send…

Ray L.


It still pisses me off to no end and there’s no way to turn the damn thing off (android). Rant off…

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No, if you purchased the part outside the window for their return policy, they wouldn’t even do that. On the one hand it’s great that parts sources are available. On the other hand it is disgraceful that these people won’t belly up for cost of high dollar teardowns to replace their defective parts or repair a trashed engine…and then they go so far as to lie about there being a service problem They’d be in jail in the aviation world. I wonder if the government regulates the automotive parts industry…an engine blowing up on the beltway around DFW is a clear and present danger.