Tesla powered Mark V: I'm swapping a Model 3 powertrain into a 1950 Mark V

Okay, it’s not really a typical Lump, but I thought some people might be interested in my new project.

I bought a 1950 Mark V for an electric swap. I’ll be attempting to install the battery and motor from a Tesla Model 3. It will probably take a few months but should be an interesting build. I’m an automotive engineer and have fabricated several automotive Frankensteins so I don’t expect any insurmountable challenges. But I’m sure trying to merge a 70-year separation in technology will be interesting.

My intro video is up, and I hope to update weekly. Tesla Powered 1950 Jaguar Mark V - Let's Talk About My New Project - YouTube


nice to see something different!
good luck, keep us updated!

I think this is awesome! I will subscribe for the updates!

Just recently, some guys installed a Tesla drivetrain into a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow (formerly owned by Johnny Cash). I posted the link on one of the Facebook Rolls Royces Forums. I was almost crucified by the moderator!

I think you will the RR conversion interesting!



Matt, This is absolutely the right place to post this. Any power train swap is welcome! That model E drivetrain looks very compact but probably too large to swap into most RWD cars. I am looking forward to see how well you make out putting it into your Mark V. I really like your approach to implant a production drivetrain. There are many options available today for converting old cars to electric power trains. We are still in the wild west days of EV conversions. I don’t know if it will happen soon but I hope Tesla the rest follow the GM aftermarket model (LS) for drivetrain systems marketed to the builder community. Bob

Were things a lot different, I would sure like to have the RR drive train for a critterFrankenstein of my own…

A few years ago, i took my lump in for SMOG. the kid there called it a frankenstein!!!


there’s this, EV West develops Tesla crate motor that fits LS, small-block mounts | Autoblog

The LS mounts are cool, but since the suspension and brakes are all connected to the Tesla drive unit, it makes more sense to swap in the whole thing and upgrade everything. I think it would make more sense to have an LS sized/shaped battery for the engine bay and then use the Tesla subframe/motor.

In any case, the EV swaps are going to get really interesting soon. Especially as battery tech improves.

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sounds like a better idea.
seems bolting the ev motor to a gm trans negates a lot of the instant torque benefits?

Funny! Someone over on MeWe just forwarded me your link to this and asked me "can you be done? "I told him of course it can be done!

New update to the Tesla Powered Mark V: The Tesla battery is installed. Mostly: Tesla Battery Swap - Let's Shove A Model 3 Battery In A 1950 Jaguar. - YouTube

Here’s the whole playlist so far: Tesla Powered 1950 Jaguar Mark V - Let's Talk About My New Project - YouTube


Matt, what an excellent series of videos!
Your production values and length of videos is impeccable, and I’m really interested in seeing how this project all turns out.

This is a project I’m following with a lot of interest. A superb blending of past and future!

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Now this guy is alright, plus it looks like , we wont be dead when he completes it…
Guys I love my petrol cars but…This is cool.

Hehe, my brother invited me to MeWe. Not a fan of the social media, I declined. MeWe stays after me…