Testing MKII Radio

Hi Folks.

I got this radio panel, and want to test the radio.

I didn’t get the 2 different plugs for each polarity, so how do I put power to this without ruining it?



The socket you are holding in the photo is for the antenna, not 12 volts.
there must be more wires we can’t see?

further study of the upper photo suggests this is a positive earth radio and that the negative 12 volts arrived via a fuse holder to the thin black. wire we can seen photo 1. Is the car still positive earth? If so you can connect 12 volts positive to any metal pieces on the radio and 12 volts negative to the black wire.I don’t see the speaker socket in these photos, someone else will respond on that one. If the car has been converted to the more normal negative earth you will damage the radio unless you isolate it from the rest of the car. I don’t know that radio, there may be a polarity changer in it somewhere.


It looks to me like there is information about setting polarity and a warning about setting it up wrong on the white label.

Changing polarity and isolating the radio will bring a surprise short-circuit when plugging in the antenna…
Ask me how I know, from 50 years ago on a positive-earth MGB :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Thank you all for responding.

Success, and failure today.

I put 12V positive to the chassis, and negative to the black wire leading into the radio.

Switched on…waited 20 seconds, and static sounds came out as you would expect from a radio without an antenna. The volume worked.

Then, the negative lead slipped and touched the steel bench which had the chassis touching, and then spark, and nothing - it’s dead.

Is there an easy fuse to try?

I’d like to save this.