TH400 repair manual

Anyone have a used copy of the following book they want to sell for a reasonable price.

Not that mines for sale but it is probably the best book on building and modifying the TH400. Worth searching out. Surprised it is that expensive.

It has high reviews, out of print status probably accounts for exorbitant prices. Amazon has a list of used book sellers and the price starts at 75.99 and climbs to 139.00. When in print msrp was around 27.00.
I bid on one on ebay supposedly with 6 days left on auction, it had no bids with starting price of .99. I started it at 5.00 and 15 minutes later got an email from ebay saying bid was canceled and listing was removed. My bid was only bid.

I have a book authored by Cliff Ruggles that has decent reviews and would have to check to be sure but I think I also have the ATSG book. Have been looking for Ron’s book sporadically now for several years and price pretty much stays consistent with where its at now.

I’ve got two extra transmissions and thinking bout going thru one and seeing it will be my first venture on rebuilding an auto can’t hurt to have plenty of info to peruse before and during the rebuild. I just can’t bring myself to pay those prices so guess I’ll get by with what I have and hope for the best.

I rebuilt my transmission using this much cheaper book. The best thing is it’s in full color! So much better than black and white pictures on pulp.

That’s the book by Cliff Ruggles that I have.