THANKS, fixed my own driver window switch!

Hi all, I searched posts about problems with windows rolling up/down. I have an '88 XJ-S V12 H&E convertible with 41,000 miles (!) that runs really well (most of the time). But the driver front window stuck, it would roll down but not UP. So I left it partially up, and removed the door panel, which was really easy, and I propped it on a 5 gallon bucket so as to not mess up the wiring. I cleaned and greased all interior moving parts on the window glides with either graphite or white lithium, depending on the area. I used a paring knife to carefully lift the switch bevel, cleaned all the contacts and put a little dialectric grease on them, then snapped them back together. There’s a latch on the fore and aft sides of each plug that you can separate easily with thumb and forefinger to detach and relatch the connectors. VOILA. Window goes up and down, no problems. COULD NOT HAVE DONE THIS WITHOUT THE ADVICE OF THIS GROUP, THANK YOU!!!

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Oh. Forgot to mention, there was a heavy mil plastic sheet to waterproof between the door panel and the door mechanics, and I dropped a new piece down the inside of the panel and secured it in place…apparently this was a former issue because it was duct taped to the window sill on the inside of the door panel. I recommend replacing this for waterproofing, since the interior door panel is little more than particle board covered with padding and leather…

I wouldn’t exactly call it water proofing.
More of a vapor barrier.
Keep the door drains clear and you are good.

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Thanks, equiprx. Will do!