That Ferrari Quote

“The most beautiful car in he world”

Yes, it seems he did say it, though his sincerity may be questioned. In “E-Type Magazine” May, 2017, an article about it says that the Ferrari biography “Ferrari, Lui” on p. 164, quotes Il Commendatore as saying “When the Jaguar E-Type is launched, he tells me that he considers it the most beautiful motor car in the world” – a second source besides Norman Dewis.

He goes on to add that he would like to own a Rolls Royce but he cannot afford it – though he could easily afford to buy the whole company.

But there you are, a second, Italian, source saying that Ferrari did indeed say it. I’m convinced!



Norman Dewis is good enough for me. :slightly_smiling_face:

Searching out the book shows none available. Published 1983. Authored by Gino Rancati (1923-1998), giornalista italiano. This actually may be the original attribution, since Rancati would certainly have been at the Geneva show. Norman Dewis is on video record saying Enzo turned to him during the show and said, well, what he said, but Norman spoke/speaks no Italian and Enzo spoke no English. It would have required an instantaneous translation, perhaps provided by Rancati?

Looks like some used ones available here:


Note that it has never been translated into English so you need to be able to understand Italian to read it! Get the May E-Type magazine for more details, including a photo of the Italian page with the quote.


I’d prefer seeing the original quote in Italian, English translations of idiomatic romance expressions having a tendency to be interpretive. Care to transpose it for us, Jerry?

“La più bella auto del mondo”?

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“Quando esce la Jaguar E-Type cabriolet mi dice che la considera la più bella automobile del mondo”

[edit] Hey Enzo, what’s the Coupe? Chopped liver?



Well Jerry, they made the coupe first, stood back and thought it needed something. So they cut the roof off and made it beautiful…HeHeHe…

My son is studying Italian at High School - maybe if we pass the hat around? Paul

Ok, no ambiguity, but apparent the author claims Enzo said it directly to him, and given the book was published nearly 34 years ago and Norman Dewis is first recorded having attributed it much more recently my leaning is toward Rancati owning the attribution.

I’d say the best proof yet, Jerry. Well done.

Except, lf course, that the FHC is the prettier car, even if it can’t match the sheer exhiliaration and glory of driving a drop top on a beautiful day.


Agreed about top down motoring. I have a Corvette for that!

Credit where credit is due: E-Type magazine May 2017, Marco Makaus. He describes his idea of how the quote got out, worth a read. As you said, Gino Rancati likely translated for Norman and Norman was the second original source for the quote.

Les Hamilton passed this copy to me, I think I will subscribe! Article in there too about Carl Madsen’s restoration of “Gattino Rosso”, a local Bay Area beauty with the most fantastic red color – best ever! Carl is a photographer, including E-Types, and Images Auto Body jobs.


Several versions from a real Italian : “Che bella macchina !” , “Quella macchina e’ bellissima !”, Mai visto una macchina cosi’ bella !, "La piu’ bella macchina del mondo ! “…
During conversation / talk “Macchina” is most common , “Auto” a distant second . " Automobile” more in formal /technical platforms.

Io sono cresciuto , andato a scuola e ho fatto il militare in Italia …(I was raised, went to school and served the military in Italy) :wink:


As an interesting but useless aside, in Italian the word “macchina” was developed around a century ago to describe any new type of mechanical device that came along. I’ve been told that the particular machine being described was identified by the waving of hands and the context of what the discussion was about. For the automobile, eventually the new wore “auto” (pronounced ow-toe) was developed.
In German, the term far-and-fast-apparatus (ferundshnellapparatus) is another interesting story.

Plus, if you put the top down, you don’t need to fit loud mufflers to enjoy, especially in a tunnel blast.

Les’ wife majored in Italian so maybe if we all ask real nice she will help us out.

I’m not disputing whether or not Enzo said it (don’t know); but EVERY auction listing or article lately has repeated the quote. What’s the saying “If you repeat something often enough it becomes true”?
Does it really matter what Enzo thought… They’re beautiful cars!

Hi Jerry,

Could you clarify where the following sentence appears?

“Quando esce la Jaguar E-Type cabriolet mi dice che la considera la più bella automobile del mondo.”

From reading these posts, it sounds like this is from the Rancati book. However, three friends who all own it say they can’t find it anywhere in the text. Can you point me in right direction?


No, he can’t, unfortunately. Deceased September 17, 2017.

Sorry to hear that, Nick. Thanks for letting me know.

Is anyone else on this thread able to clarify the source?


Ed – Jerry’s original post specifies (emphasis added):