The black fan replacement

Went to Napa and they do not have a listing for the Black Fan, EBC 4553.

Need help on where to purchase it. Thanks

I got mine at FCP Euro.

It’s the black Eurospare fan. $80

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Welsh. $63.95 + $12. shipping.

Hello Greg - what, or where, is “FCP Euro” - is the black replacement fan a direct fit for the old yellow fan, and is the black fan a metal or a plastic fan - thanks, Tex Terry, II - 1991 XJS V12 Classic Coupe, 1986 XJS V12 Coupe - sent 10/13/2020 1602hrs. EDT USA.

FCP Euro is in Conn, i think, online parts. I use them a lot for my Volvos. They have little for Jaguar.

Yes, black fan is plastic, bolts up identical like yellow.

I really don’t understand all the hallaballoo about yellow vs. the black fan, esp. after I learned this very same “defect-prone” (supposedly) yellow fan has been used also on the sedans/saloons for ages … My XJ40s, X-300 and, IIRC, even my XJ8 all have them, and I have never had one of their fans come apart, “explode”, etc. on me … Am I just lucky, or is somehow only the V-12s having a problem with them (i.e. throw more RPMs)? :confused:

Thanks Greg for the seller info - my 1991 XJS V12 has the black fan already - my 1986 XJS V12 has the yellow fan - on close inspection I can see where there are cracks starting on the yellow fan (just as described in Kirby’s book about this problem other owners had) so I will be getting a black fan for the '86 - no sense in waiting to see when it comes apart - I do not know if the black fan, on the '91 is an original or not as I am not the original owner - Tex Terry, II - 1991 XJS V12 Classic Coupe, 1986 XJS V12 Coupe - sent 10/13/1729HRS. EDT USA.

Often wondered if it’s just b/c the fan is black you can’t SEE the cracks as easily as with the yellow one … :stuck_out_tongue: But then again I think whenever you order a replacement fan from Jag they always send the black version, so maybe even the co. admits (by implication) their yellow fan had “issues” … :thinking:

On of the first things I did, when I acquired the '91, was to check the fan - with a slight cleaning and finger nail rubbing, I was not able to detect any “cracks” - once I am able to do a better clean-up, I will be doing a closer inspection - it is my understanding that the black fan is made “better” to try to avoid the blade cracks - Tex Terry, II - 1991 XJS V12 Classic Coupe, 1986 XJS V12 Coupe - sent 10/13/2020 1741hrs. EDT USA.

I compared the black and yellow fans many years ago (things might have changed). At that time the fans were different in more than colour. One (don’t remember which) had a smaller hub and therefore longer blades. IIRC the difference made sense to me in terms of stress on the blades. It’s difficult to clearly remember details from my pre-senescent days. :slight_smile:

I have not seen cracks on mine…do not drive at high rpms…only 46000 miles…but it is a 1988… I would change it if I have to work on radiator as a matter of course…BTW… what is best way to remove hood temporarily…which bolts etc

Very easy to remove fan/clutch, just four nuts. 10 minutes.

While you are replacing fan, you may as well replace clutch. $30 for the part. Hayden 2665, fits perfectly. That’s what I did, and my engine stays decently cool at idle with just the mechanical fan. If it’s the original yellow fan, it’s probably the original failing clutch.

Good suggestion Greg - is the Hayden 2665 a part number at an auto parts store - Tex Terry, II - 1991 XJS V12 Classic Coupe, 1986 XJS V12 Coupe - sent 10/13/2020 2041hrs. EDT USA.

Direct fit replacement fan, all prices to choose from:

Just do a google search for Hayden 2665 and you will find thousands of results…

Not a bad price, either … I have seen some vendors selling these things for 2x that much on Ebay :money_mouth_face: That’s why I always hit the “ranking” selection button when I’m on there, from lowest price to highest. I really think some of those sneaky, greedy sellers are counting on impatient or careless buyers w. $$ :moneybag: who just jump on the first item for sale that they come across, hoping to make a windfall off the sale. :money_with_wings: Esp, when you sometimes see the same vendor selling the same product for several different prices. :thinking:

Hi All , just purchased a black replacement fan , for my 92 v12 . any tips on replacement
Procedure , after a quick look it seems that the clutch bolts on the bottom are very awkward to access without raising the car and working from underneath.

I believe it’s similar to my 1988. It’s very easy, in that you unbolt the clutch/fan together from the pulley.

The four nuts holding it on, you can access two of them easily from top. What I do, loosen one, and then use the other one (tightening on it) to turn the fan/pulley within the fan belt so you bring up the third nut. Then loosen the second nut that you used to turn pulley, and then use third nut to turn fan/pulley again bringing up the fourth nut. Loosen the third and fourth nut, and then you can remove them all by hand.

only tricky part may be trying to loosen nut without turning pulley. Sometimes a quick tap on the wrench will work, or somehow hold pulley in place with a screwdriver.

IIRC, what I did was loosen the belt, but not remove it, so I could turn the pulley to access the four nuts, and then pinch or pull the belt to immobilise the pulley so I could undo them.

Thanks for both your replies , I will have another look at it on a less cold & wet day
And let you know how I get on .

like i mentioned in my post, even with the fan belt on tight, if you turn the nuts to tighten, you’ll create enough force to make the pulley spin inside the fan belt. So no need to loosen belt.