The finally parting company after nearly 30 years

Hi Guys Sad day coming but finally decided to part Company with my SIII E type after almost 30 years.
Whilst I have been mainly off air the last 10 years I do dip in from time to time to see the excellent work some of you guys do on your projects and also provide a fantastic resource for me in the early days and all newbies joining the Jaguar fraternity.

I will probably list her on the UK Auction site in the next week or so, just doing a full service and valet.

Please pass on the lead to any interested parties when it’s live I would be grateful to get as much interest as possible. It was a California car, bare metal restoration and engine rebuild before I bought it and I converted to manual and diff rebuild about 20 years ago with original Jaguar parts. It’s pretty much stock except the California smog kit is removed and it has the Pertronix ignition and coil.
Its not a concourse car but is still totally rust free and in excellent condition. after 30 years dry store and use. I think the only time it got really wet was on my son’s wedding day 20 years ago. Anyway I hope a new owner takes over the mantle and it survives another 50 years. As has been said many times before you never really own an Etype you are just the current investor!
Best regards Mike Clarke UK

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Best wishes from a fellow Series III owner. I hope you do well in the auction.