The front right hand side light not working. Is there a specific fuse for it

Front side light not working. Is there a specific fuse?

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Fuse 21in the luggage compartment fuse box controls the left and right marker lights. So, unless all the marker lights, front and rear are out, then it is not the fuse. If it is not the light, then it may be a wiring problem. First check the ground.

Thank for the advice. It’s only the front right hand side. All the others are fine. I may try a length of wire from the left hand side to check I’m getting power on the positive connection and then a fresh earth direct from the battery. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:.

Why don’t you just use a multimeter?

It has always puzzled me that British cars continue to use separate ground wires on metal bodies. Even with Ford’s help to modernize the company, we still have all the traditional problems. My XK8 sits in the garage with check engine light on, ABS warning, and restricted performance mode. The lights all still work fine. It looks good, just sitting there…

What is the condition of the bulb? Likely culprit since fuse and ground points feed multiple lights and no other lights are out.

Thanks everyone for all your help. I ended up having to wire from the other side of the car. Apparently there’s a break in the live feed. I’ll sort it properly when I have more time.

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