The gool old center vent question

I don’t use the heat much down here in Louisiana but lots of A/C. When I do use the A/C, I get plenty of cold air out of the center vent. An 81 XJS so the center vent has a stupid setup. So now in the winter and have sold it I thought I would put the warmer thermostats in it since it is going up north.

I started it up, put it on 75 degrees and it comes out the side vents, foot vents and the defrost vent. I watch the levers on the passenger side and they both move. Opening the center for cold air (A/C) and closing it for heat. Is that right? As I move it through the temp settings I reach the point where the heat comes on or off so that seems to be working as well. Not really sure what that lower slide left or right lever is for under the radio though.

At some sort of central temp setting the fan slows but move it and they spin faster for either extreme cooling or heating. High speed setting works as does low speed. So, is my center vent working as its supposed to?



As someone wise once said of the Delanair MkII, “If it makes no sense at all, it’s working perfectly.”


On my car, there is a red color vertical mark on the right-hand side, and a blue color vertical mark on the left-hand side, of the opening where the lever slides, left to right and back, under the radio - I would think that this is indicating a warm versus cold position.

A senior Jag friend once told me that Jaguar never claimed to have proper ‘air conditioning’.
For this reason, they call it “climate control”.

The system is designed so that the center dashboard vent opens only when the system is is max cooling mode. It should close in heating, blend, and defrost modes.

The slide control under radio is to alter the temp of air coming out of the outboard dash vents relative to the foot well vents. It’s a very subtle thing; you’d have to wait for the cabin temp and the climate control to fully stabilize before feeling any difference and, even then, it isn’t much.


Doug and Frank…A big thanks for all your help over the years…FYI, if you both stop helping I am going to pull the 4.2 and crush my xj6…and I am not kidding
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Thanks Doug, that really helps to clear things up. I guess because the change in temp is so subtle that I never noticed it. The description in the owners manual never really helped either.

I just sold the car to a guy up in New Hampshire so hopefully he will use he heater more often than I did ini Louisiana.