The great girling accumulator search begins!

I have an 89 xj40 with girling brakes and the accumulator gave up, now to find a replacement. I could buy new but I hate to spend more for the one part than I paid for the car!

Is this the one you are after ? it’s from a 1990 4.0l. If your car is a late 89 with a 4.0l it may work .

Call Welsh Jaguar, ask for Dave the owner, he has USED AND NEW…….also 10 parts xj40s on a shelf.
Tell him GTJOEY sent you, he needs to clean out house.

@MarkON, that’s Teves system. That accumulator would work, except that it is different thread. Girling is 16 x 1.5, and Teves is 14 x 1.5.

Other than that, Girling sphere, JLM10546 / JLM11659 / CBC1779, is 0.3 L volume, 92 mm diameter, with 160 bar test pressure, while Teves, JLM1907 is 0.25 L, 86 mm diameter, and 230 bar. Teves sphere can take Girling pressure OK. You can see them side by side in this photo; Girling is on the left:

These are called “suspension sphere” or “(brake) pressure accumulator”. They are used on that period Buicks, Chrysler TC, SAABs, BMWs, Mercedes, and Lincolns. They were made by ATE, FEBI-Bilstein, Hypac, Wabco, Delco, Lemforder, Corteco. You just need to identify one that has nipple with 16 x 1.5 mm thread, can take 160 bar or more, and is in the neighborhood of 0.3 L in size

I also need one for my 1989 XJ6 with 3.6 L engine. I looked around for days but couldn’t find Girling one that I’d be happy with (the Girling in the photo is not good, but Teves one seems OK), so I ordered 14 x 1.5 to 16 x 1.5 adapter. Adapter will be here next week, and I’ll report then if it works,


Apparently the teves started in mid 89 so I try to search for 88 spheres as they are girling, if I look at 89’s they come up with teves.

The Teves system was first introduced on the XJ40 for the 1990 model year (VIN 594576 onwards)
However it is identical apparently to the 1989 model XJ-S .


Makes sense when I look for parts the xj40 is not even listed I have to select xj6

Where is welsh located?

Parts cars … nos…building of that stuff
I know him 30 years
Torture him just bevause😀
Tell him Gtjoey says it’s ok
Good luck

Well I spent some time googling 1988 cars with girling brakes,lots of hits but none show the specs and sizes, any ideas?

I HAD a 1993, I think there was a later version for the ugrade cars. Im not sure…calll welsh . He will know.

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Really really hard. I looked through “pressure accumulator” and " suspension sphere" and found a lot, but often without enough data to know if it will fit.

Give me a couple of days, adapter for 1990-on might work… I should have one early next week, and even though I am still without work due to COVID-stupid-bug, I need to drive a little, so I should have answer late next week. Where are you located?

Southwest Fl. Punta Gorda

Can the nitro sphere be removed without disconnecting the lines, like just unscrewed and replaced?

You usually don’t need to disconnect any lines BUT you MUST make sure the sphere is first depressurized. To depressurize, without turning the key on, pump the brake pedal until is goes hard. Might take 15-20 pumps. If it is hard from the git-go your sphere may already be depressurized I.e. kaput. To remove the sphere an Allen wrench in the recess on top of the sphere (if so fitted) OR a strap wrench works well. Some folks have reported the sphere is so tight the sphere/block assembly has to be removed (lines disconnected first of course) and the block placed in a vice before they can break the sphere loose.

And if you can get it off while still on the car have plenty of rags positioned around the base of the threads, just in case!


In 1988-89 - no way undoing the sphere without taking the whole assembly out. The assembly (sphere, and the block with charge- and low-pressure switch, and the non-return valve) are all held by a strap over the sphere. If you undo the strap, the sphere is so tightly screwed into the block containing other components, that you will most likely twist and damage fluid lines. Undoing the fluid lines is not that difficult. 11 mm wrench and a bit of patience. Can be done from under the front fender. Then undo the strap that holds the sphere, but don’t pull the assembly out of the strap yet. Your most difficult step in removing this assembly will be finding and disconnecting the switch connector; once you do, the assembly is yours.

Already found the plug and ohmed it 1 open 1 closed.