The Imperials, was Re: [xj] rpm at around 70mph?

Doug, one thing I learned long ago is that 16 = 61, so 11 is indeed cold!

By the way, your quart then explains why the English pint is so refreshing a
portion of brew. :]

You know, despite having engineering degrees, I never really warmed up to the
metre or degC. Kelvin is ok. So are Kg. But the metre, I mean really, it’s
wrong for a very French reason – angst. The Frenchman who decided to divide
the pole-to-equator distance into 10 million parts couldn’t trust his own
first measurements and calculations, so made changes in them. His original
metre was more correct, so we’re left with what, I ask, what?! {:o]–
79xj6L SII (BRG + wires)
86xj6 SIII (Black)
61 Sprite MkII (Red)
Menlo Park, Calif.

Doug Ingram wrote:

How come you Canadians couldn’t fool the English Crown into knocking a
Qt out of a Gallon, as we did?


Ah, Alex, that ain’t it - the Imperial gallon contains 4 quarts, just like
the US gallon. The difference actually lies in the quart, 40 fluid ounces
for the Imperial, and 32 for the US.

Besides, thanks to franco-canadian-liberalism, we lost the gallon years ago,
having been force-fed the metric system which of course is much better,
isn’t it?

Hmmmm, if it’s 11 degrees Celsius out right now, am I warm or cold?



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