The Impossible Question , Or is it ? A/C in a MKII

OK I live in Arizona and it gets Ferkin hot as I shall be using my RHD MKII all the time I will need A/C has anyone out there fitted one to a MKII such as Vintage air or restomod air or … What ever
AND if so pictures would be great I know its a lot to ask but I have to do it, especially IF I have to do body mods before my car is painted.

As always Girls and Guys thank you in advance.

Gary the pure Jaguar NUT

It’s been done by Vicarage in the uk. They may have some pictures. I vaguely recall seeing a write up probably in the JEC magazine. I think it was ducted do it came out on the rear parcel shelf.

Vintage air makes several trunk mounted units that should work. You would have to make brackets for what ever compressor you use, they sell sanden compressors. They also have E-Z fit hoses so you can customize the lines.

I have worked with them on several OEM projects. Good people to work with.

My father and I were very satisfied with the AC in our 1963 MKII that we had in Texas. It was dealer installed in 1963 in Houston, Texas and was very effective in Texas summers. It was trunk mounted and had two condensers, one in front of the radiator and one under the front bumper. My father owned the car from 1963 to 1976 and then I had it until 1985.

Possibly made by Coolaire who were based in Texas as I recall. They also made units for other British cars like the MG1100 and Austin America.

I’ll have to see if they are still in business.

My a/c freezes us out in the 62
It looks like vintage air but the whole unit is tucked under the cowl!
Sanded compressor with nothing in the trunk!
Mine is heat and air it is a complete unit in the cowlgtjoey1314

I stand corrected, Coolaire was based in Miami Florida. Here is their brochure for the unit for the 3.8S

I think I have the MOSS motors kits…its more expensive but fits in the heater box.
I works wonderful, the battery has to go in the trunk though
good luck

You might want to check with the Coventry Foundation. They hold all of the development and installation drawings and guides for the Jaguar approved AC systems developed in Texas for Jaguar.

Thank you all for your replies this gives me somewhere to start research

Classic Auto Air (formerly Retro Air) sells a kit. In fact it was the forerunner of the kit for the E-type. You can check it out on-line.

further to what Dick mentioned, their is also a useful publication by George Camp on the JCNA website (or used to be anyway)

In my mind you have to decide whether you want cold air in the face, which is the modern unit, (including some mods) , or an original style trunk mounted unit

Its possible to make the trunk mounted unit big enough to freeze the car, not what everyone wants though.

I have a mixture of Sanden and “Universal” parts in my vehicle, but some OEM Jaguar pulleys and brackets, which look good

Once again thank you all for you responses I checked around and must admit I found the original one kind of obtrusive and have decided to go for the one that XKS Unlimited have as it will suite my needs best and at $2500 it’s not a bad price :slight_smile: