The Jackard: A 1937 Packard Convertible with a 1962 Jaguar XK 3.8L motor

Do you have room straight out from the block? I like the spin-on mounts from the early XJ6. This was before they added the connections for an oil cooler. The filter shown in the attached photo is cataloged for a Porsche 911 Turbo. The standard XJ6 filter is about half as long.

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I have about 8" of space between the side of the block and the framerail in the area where the oil filter housing is.

Regarless of the housing, is the gasket between the housing and the block the same?


Perhaps a better question I should ask the oil filtet housing that is currently my my 62 MK II 3.8L (LA1118-8) motor the correct one, or is in from different series/motor?

I ask as Moss Motors list three different block gaskets depending on motor serial and also a couple of different spin on adapters. I just want to make sure I order the correct ones. And I just dont know what is original to this motor or not.

That’s a trick question. That is not the correct oil filter housing for a 1962 MK2. It is, however, the correct filter housing for your LA1118 engine, which came from a 1960 MK2. You can compare your engine number to others and get a reasonable approximation of when it was made. For example, this engine number is close to yours:

By 1961 they were using the down-at-the-back filter which would probably fit better in your car.

I think the problem with that was the exhaust routing. In drops down under the engine to run down the passenger side where the Packard exhaust would have normally run. I think the rear facing would have run into or very close proximity to that exhaust run.

Parts ordered! Thanks.

It appears you have this one for early Mark II.

Mike Eck is suggesting one of these for later Mark II.

Mike Spoelker is suggesting this one for 3.8 E-Type.

Another possibility is this one for 3.8 Mark X.

And this one for 4.2 XJ6.

And this one for Mark IX.

With any change you must be sure the oil circulation is happening correctly, as there were modifications made to the oil passages to mate with each of these filter heads.

As I recall you are in Aurora? You might visit Jim and Gary at JK Restorations in Oswego and look at the filter heads he may have on his shelves.

Thanks for the info; that is really helpful! I’m a visual person, so that makes a lot more sense to me. Good to know there is a place close by!

I agree with this in general, but about the only major change over the years was the elimination of the internal bypass port in favor of an external hose that ran back to the sump. You do need the correct gasket for the base. The oil filter feed is from the bottom left port and the filtered return is through the center top port. There will be a smaller 1/2" port just above the supply port that may or may not be threaded. If it is threaded (1/2"-20 UNF) it is plugged, as is shown in the attached photo. The hole is left over from when the oil supply hole to the center main bearing was drilled. It passes directly through the main oil galley, so whether it needs a plug or not depends on the filter head gasket pattern. There is no risk in plugging it. Once plugged virtually any filter head can by used without concern for compatibility. Early blocks have a third large hole on the bottom right of the mounting pad that goes directly into the crankcase. Those filter heads have no external bypass hose and the sumps have no fitting for that hose. You can use later external bypass filter moubts on early blocks, but you will need to plumb a port to the drain.


Yeah: I think there must be 200 different ones!


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…or you could position your distributor the way Jaguar shows in this illustration:

Rotate your distributor 60* clockwise and shift the wires one location counter-clockwise so they are in the same place as they were but the vacuum advance is not interfering with the oil filter.


I got the filter adapter from Moss Motors, but sadly it was the wrong type. So they had to exchange it for the "early’ Mark 2 type filter.

Here is the number on my filter housing for future reference.

The unit I received had too large of an adapter stem to thread into the body of the filter housing

Also, the supplied seal, while being the correct diameter, the rubber width itself was too large to fit into the groove in the filter housing.

I also got a new housing to filter gasket and some of the carb intake gaskets and insulators.

Spin on oil filter a success. No leaks and no interference with the vacuum advance anymore.

Scrubbed all the grime from the filter head housing and put on a fresh gasket between the head and the block.

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Keep at it . The car is cool . Worth the effort

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You will not regret that modification!

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