The Jackard: A 1937 Packard Convertible with a 1962 Jaguar XK 3.8L motor

Engine back together and bagged so I can paint the frame. Also kingpins and suspension bushings to replace.



I still have my dad’s entire set of kingpin bush reaming tools… :slight_smile:

And, yes, I do know how to use them…!

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I bought one from ebay that is combo reamer and installer tool. Fun with old cars!

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Did you ever source a over-the-top air filter?

I have the earlier torpedo style cleaner which I prefer.

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Frame painted.

Also have a coat of rust converter on the radiator cradle.


Back from a trip to Florida for some get away time.

Waiting for me in my mailbox was this plain oil fill cap. This will replace the scripted cap to help complete my engine camouflage.


We’ve been playing catch-up on our holiday decorating and what not since we were out of town the week after Thanksgiving.

But I was able to spin the car back around in the garage without opening the door, which helps to keep the heat in.

Hopwfully can start on the suspension and steering bushings this week.

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Motor is disguised and Packardfied as its going to get.

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You should take advantage of the thermostat group buy, which is posted in the buy/sell list. That thermostat has been unavailable for many years, and is the only one which will fully control the bypass on your engine.

You could get “Packard” engraved into the oil cap.

Jus’ sayin.’


What did you coat the exhaust manifolds with?

Sorta indicated, here…

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I used this:

Rust-Oleum 248903 12-Ounce 2000…

Which i was happy came out more cast grey than black, which mimics the correct color on the natural cast iron Packard manifolds.

This is really going to have heads scratching next show and cruisenite season.



Mike, PM sent!